dmcat - Digital Music CATalog

As the mp3 server in my apartment approached the 6 gigabyte mark (now 24 gigs!), it became quite difficult to easily find the music I wanted to play. Playlists are a mediocre solution, at best. Client-side jukebox programs are better, but require the program to be installed on every client. In my heterogeneous network (GNU/Linux and Micros~1), this isn't acceptable.

So why not catalog them on the server side? It's pretty easy to categorize and sort MP3-based digital music based on its "ID3 tag". This is, in fact, what dmcat does. It was designed to be simple; no complex database is built. Rather, symbolic links on the filesystem (this implies a Unix-ish OS) are used as the database.


The latest release(s) can always be downloaded from the sourceforge site.